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Gillette Stadium Case Study

Gillette Stadium has hosted the greatest names in sports and entertainment. They are home to the World Champion New England Patriots while also hosting acclaimed performers from Jay Z to Beyoncé to Taylor Swift

This eminent facility has always been at the forefront of green sustainable designs and technology, so it only makes sense for them that their restrooms feature high-quality, sustainable products. Since sustainability is ingrained in their facility, their commercial restrooms were an early adapter of the future of sustainable design – the D|13 Sink System, featuring the new XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer.  

"Installing the D|13 sink system gives our customers the extra VIP experience so when they walk up to the sink, they have the soap, water and hand dryer all in the same location."
Jason Stone
Senior Director Of Operations
Gillette Stadium & Kraft Sports and Entertainment

Creating a Notable Fan Experience

The Gillette Stadium team has invested significant amounts of money into their facilities to help enhance the fan experience over the past 5 years since consumers nowadays might prefer to watch football in the comfort of their own home where they can relax and have a bird’s eye view to the game. This can make the experience almost better for them than being at the stadium.

Gillette has gone to great lengths to provide the ultimate fan experience to their guests to give them a very good reason to pay to see the game at the stadium. Fans will be able to experience many modern features that Gillette has invested in such as huge HD media walls, large LED screens, mezzanines, expansive terraces, extravagant suites, and elite bars. These features provide a luxurious, relaxing experience for their fans that makes going to the stadium to enjoy the game a must.

When building these new spaces for their fans, aesthetics was very important to the Gillette Stadium team. Stone says that “the D|13 Sink System is harmonious with the other finishes we installed throughout the space. It gives our customers the extra VIP experience so when they walk up to the sink, they have the soap, water, and hand dryer all in the same location.”

Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers​
0 %
Cost Savings Compared To Paper Towels
0 %
Less CO2 Compared To 100%-Recycled Paper Towels
0 %
Paper Towels Saved
(Yearly Estimates)
0 lbs

Sustainability is Our Goal

When Gillette Stadium was first being built, it was imperative to the designers and contractors that the building be a leader in continuing sustainability, energy efficiency, and ecosystem management.

Gillette always finds ways to adopt sustainability and green initiatives into its operation. Recent initiatives that Gillette has undertaken are their food waste diversion program. As part of this program, Gillette recycles about 200 tons of food waste each year. They have additionally added LED lighting all throughout the facility. Even the game field lights have all been converted to LED to add to their sustainability efforts.

Stylish & Effective

The D|13 Sink System is unlike any other product on the marketplace, it is easily the most advanced integrated sink system out there.

This masterpiece of form and function offers the most hygienic, sustainable, and cost-effective way to wash and dry hands. Its aesthetically pleasing sleek design can easily complement any commercial restroom creating an attractive, more hygienic restroom environment. Users will experience its truly innovative features including HEPA filtration, adjustable speed and heat, LED illumination and a Sound Suppression Air Delivery System. Additionally, businesses will enjoy the benefits of 95% cost savings over paper towels. This eliminates the added labor, maintenance, and waste that come with paper towels, creating a much more pleasing, cleaner experience for businesses and consumers combined.

A truly unique feature that sets this product apart from any other sink system on the market is the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer. This collaboration between Excel Dryer and a world-renowned design firm allows users to have a truly touchless experience when washing and drying their hands which further adds to the hygienic aspects of the sink system. The dryer blows the air and water flow away from the user due to its “reverse airflow” design, which gives the user the most hygienic, safe restroom experience.

  • HEPA Filtration
  • Adjustable Speed & Heat
  • LED Illumination
  • Sound Suppression Air Delivery System

Design Support

D|13 is not just supplying a product, they are forming a partnership by working closely with architects, designers, and clients to best meet their needs.

D|13 is able to easily adapt its product to any restroom, no matter the size, shape, or material. This fully customizable product can easily adapt to any specifications to meet your vision of what you want for your project. The D|13 Sink System has many different soap dispenser choices to use, and the product is compatible with multiple faucet models from different manufacturers.

Other features available to reduce the installation time are factory templates and custom 3D laser templating which ensure that the D|13 Sink System will accurately fit in the space provided. The D|13 Group ships all orders purchased directly which makes for quality one-on-one customer service experience. 

“The level of service provided by the D|13 Group has been second-to-none,” Senior Director of Operations Jason Stone says. “The systems work flawlessly. It’s made it easy for our facility staff and has now boosted the experience of our customers using these facilities.”

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