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UMass Isenberg

When UMass Amherst thought of designing the Isenberg Innovation Hub, they brought in the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Goody Clancy to collaborate with to create this masterfully designed, unique building. These preeminent architectural design firms helped bring this $62 million, 70,000-square-foot expansion of UMass Amherst’s business school to fruition.

The Isenberg Innovation Hub features an original design and responsibility to sustainability, so naturally, they wanted their restrooms to match this high level of design which is how they found the perfect partnership with the D|13 Group.

"I was interested in seeing if this leading-edge product is a good fit for this leading-edge building. The ability to have a truly innovative product, even in the restrooms, fit perfectly."

“I got to try out the sink system and I loved it. I think the students are going to come in and really be blown away by this."

“This doesn’t exist anywhere else on campus and I think they’re going to see this as a really interesting and innovative component of this overall incredible building experience.”

Tom Moliterno
Interim Dean at the Isenberg School

The Business School Of The Millennium

The Isenberg Innovation Hub was designed to fully capture the innovative spirit of the business school which is important to them. It is necessary to have a great facility for professors to be able to teach their students “very much like a sports team needs great facilities for their athletes,” says Tom Moliterno, interim dean at the Isenberg School.
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Renewable From The Ground Up

Sustainability is a major focus of the Isenberg Innovation Hub, with both of their designers, BIG and Goody Clancy, being known for designing buildings that are leaders in energy efficiency and sustainability. Currently, the Business Innovation Hub has earned a LEED Silver certification and they hope to be able to attain Gold as one of their goals.

The D|13 Sink System can definitely help the business school with this goal by offering up to a 75% reduction in carbon footprint even when being compared to 100%-recycled paper towels. They additionally, can help facilities qualify for LEED credits and other green certifications.

Style & Operation

The D|13 Sink System is unlike any other product on the marketplace, it is easily the most advanced integrated sink system out there.

This masterpiece of form and function offers the most hygienic, sustainable, and cost-effective way to wash and dry hands. Its aesthetically pleasing sleek design can easily complement any commercial restroom creating an attractive, more hygienic restroom environment. Users will experience its truly innovative features including HEPA filtration, adjustable speed and heat, LED illumination and a Sound Suppression Air Delivery System. Additionally, businesses will enjoy the benefits of a 95% cost savings versus paper towels. This eliminates the added labor, maintenance, and waste that come with paper towels, creating a much more pleasing, cleaner experience for businesses and consumers combined.

A truly unique feature that sets this product apart from any other sink system on the market is the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer. This collaboration between Excel Dryer and an illustrious design firm allows users to have a truly touchless experience when washing and drying their hands which further adds to the hygienic aspects of the sink system. The dryer blows the air and water flow away from the user due to its “reverse airflow” design, which gives the user the most hygienic, safe restroom experience.

  • HEPA Filtration
  • Adjustable Speed & Heat
  • LED Illumination
  • Sound Suppression Air Delivery System

Bjarke Ingels Group, Goody Clancy & D|13 Group - A Synergetic Relationship

Both Goody Clancy and BIG are some of the world’s top architectural design firms and brought a lot of experience and innovative ideas to this project. Goody Clancy has worked on multiple prestigious business schools including various facilities at Harvard, Dartmouth, and Georgetown. Notable projects that BIG has designed are Google headquarters and Two World Trade Center.

Goody Clancy and BIG were truly the best of both worlds when it came to their experience for this project. BIG is known for its gorgeous, innovative designs while Good-Clancy had a lot of experience in designing the leading business schools in the US. This created the perfect partnership between the two companies which makes sense since they bid together for this project as a true team. 

Both the visionary founder of BIG, Bjarke Ingels, and the senior executives at Goody Clancy were very hands-on with designing this project and collaborated perfectly with the D|13 team. Whatever ideas the architects discussed with D|13 for what they wanted to achieve with their design, D|13 would immediately work with them on the best way to execute their ideas perfectly.

The D|13 Group is much more than a supplier to its customers. They collaborate closely with architects, designers, and clients to be the perfect partner to assist them with their designs. D|13 provides customers with the ultimate product solution by manufacturing their sink system to meet your specifications while offering unmatched customization choices. Customers can have their choice of size, shape, finish, flow rate to match their customers’ vision for their design. 

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